Thursday, 19 May 2011

Too Many Ideas

I fall out of bed, make coffee and crawl to the studio (pausing to admire my lovely new pink cushions... A girls gotta have some treats) My morning routine is pretty well established, get up, make coffee, check emails, play around on facebook and say hi to the Etsy peeps over in the UK cake and chat team, wrap parcels, go to post office.

Today I can't get going I have too many ideas swirling around my brain (and no parcels to wrap). What to do? Should I take photos, make birds, make monsters, do some drawing, get the gocco out, visit a friend... the resultant buzz in my brain renders me unable to do anything so I spend 2 hours making treasuries on etsy instead.

Feeling slightly guilty now I decide to clean the house only to find myself sat on my new cushions reading an old magazine... I feel guilty for not working again... and then I remember that I am allowed a day off and didn't I promise myself a little break before I got seriously into this self employed malarky? I smile to myself, make another coffee and snuggle up to those lovely cushions... those ideas can wait a little while!


  1. Taking a day off, or two! is always a good idea, we all need the time off!

  2. I get like that with my business too. I have so many ideas swirling in my head that some days I don't accomplish anything! I also feel guilty when those days happen. I've been sick this week, so I haven't done much, and I even feel guilty about that. Take the day off. You deserve a break.