Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Plan? What Plan?

You may have noticed but I don't have a plan (yet)... I keep meaning to write a "proper business plan" but somehow I never get round to it. I don't even make to do lists... at least not on paper, I keep it all in my head.

This weeks plan is to work on The Feltanomicon which has lain mostly empty and neglected for the best part of a year. Feltanomicon is my monster shop... a place where all the things that would probably eat the Tweets if I left them in the regular shop go! I'd like to have 10 things to list before I reopen (I have 3 so not a bad start) and of course I will need a new border and avatar so alot of felting and photographing needs to happen.

I like it at The feltanomicon, it's fun, it's like working without working... next week I need to work on Inkmeup... which has been maintained but only just since Christmas, now that will feel a lot like work as it's a very high maintenance shop. Plus I need to get Inkmeup at Folksy back up and running too... and I am getting sorta mad at all those people who think all I do is lie around in my pyjamas all day watching daytime TV... this girl works hard! (Are you listening Dad?)


  1. I can't wait to see what felty monsters you'll have available!

  2. LOL you mean you don't wear PJs all day? Why ever not? I don't, but that's because my house is for sale and I don't want to scare the estate agent.