Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's All About Ink!!!

There is an art to juggling the amount of shops I have... since I run 3 different shops side by side and each one has at least one folksy and one etsy shop (with the exception of feltanomicon which is a bit of fun!) plus zibbet and hopefully Dawanda later in the year... it can get hellishly confusing at times.
Last week I decided that I would prioritise a different shop each week... I can do bits for the others but the main thing this week is Inkmeup... I have already started refreshing my old Folksy shop which has resulted in my first sales there since February... which just goes to show you get out what you put in. I made a new design and am making it into notebooks and lavender bags as well as prints and I am planning a joint feltmeup/inkmeup giveaway for later in the week.
This week Ink is in charge... next week it's Felt's turn... and it feels good to have a rough plan to work to. I'm not very good with plans and don't often write things down... my brain doesn't work that way at all! I have also planned in lots of fun stuff as well cos a gal has to have a break! I've also decided to work on not feeling so guilty for taking breaks... I still kinda feel like I should be working all the time!


  1. I do love that snowy owl! Looks really great!
    Hooray for getting sales and hooray for learning to take a break!

  2. plans are good - and fun is better!