Monday, 23 May 2011

Down Time

The laptop went down over the weekend... now I knew I used it alot but the gaping hole that suddenly appeared in my life, when she caught a virus and had to be carted off to the repair shop, was immense.

John loaned me his net book but it was so slow that it wouldn't even let me edit my etsy listings never mind think about putting new ones up. Worse... the netbook would not speak to my printer so I couldn't print off my orders and get them posted. Only later when I got my laptop back did it occur to me that I could in fact write postage labels... how daft am I!

It did make me realise how much time I spend on line, my social life is online, my business... those little facebook games which eat huge chunks of time... so I am resolved to spend less time online... lets see how long that one lasts!


  1. Good luck with that! I keep on trying to do the same thing, and I never manage... and I don't even have an online business!

  2. :oO Less time online? What an awful thought. I've had to cover my laptop's eyes and ears. :o)

  3. ~~~~Waves of sympathy and understanding ~~~ I also rely heavily on my laptop. I hope it doesn't develop any major problems! I'm also aware that I dont' back things up properly.. asking for trouble really!!
    Like you, a lot of my social life and work is done online. I have had to reduce the time I spent playing games and blogging, as I just wasn't doing any work sometimes! I stopped playing Facebook games and put the time into my FB Page instead; I have limited my blogging time to evenings for a while (though I've been so busy with work, that I have often been too tired for blogging!). But I do value my blog friends and enjoy spending time online, so I wont stop altogether!
    I love the new stuff you've put in your shops - pencil cases, purses, new designs and drawings; new Tweets of all kinds! You've been working hard at your business, despite the time online!