Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September Slump

It's late September and we're all feeling the pinch... everyone's broke from their summer holidays, lots of people have had to shell out for new School things at the start of the term and we're all beginning to panic about Christmas... as a result people are holding tight to their pennies. According to the Guardian this week is the worst of the year for money worries.

It's a difficult time of year for us crafty bods, we're stuck in the position of wanting to make lots of new things for Christmas but being unable to afford new materials, not to mention the choice of buying a big bag of fleece or food for a week... it's a hard one indeed. I've tightened my belt a little and am trying to use the colours and materials I have to make new products rather than going out and buying new things.

It's very hard to stay optimistic but I'm keeping busy... this morning in fact I listed and renewed lots of things over 3 different websites in 7 different shops! Let's do the list... etsy x 4 shops, Folksy x 2, Dawanda x 1 (and I'm thinking of taking Inkmeup over to Dawanda too!)

My head knows that pretty soon the Christmas orders should start coming in and I'll be moaning about having no time to myself but right now my heart is breaking a little having realised that my savings that I thought would last me till the Christmas rush are completely depleted... if you're thinking of going self employed full time and want to have some savings behind you my advice is pick a number... then double it because it will just melt away faster than you can say "broken laptop" or "sewing machine repair".

I'm looking into getting a part time job again... maybe this is just a panic reaction and my boyfriend says he's happy to support me for a bit but I like to pay my way. Also I kinda miss people, those daily interactions that you take for granted... we'll see tho, I've approach my old boss to see what they say. What ever happens I do know the break from work has been good for me... I feel a lot healthier and haven't had half the migraines I used to!

Roll on Christmas... I can't wait for it!


  1. I hope the sales catch up soon for you!

  2. I'm sure things will pick up for you Felt. I am loving your new Autumn colour themed tweets! They look fab! xx

  3. Hello, I love your little birds. I know what you mean about feeling the pinch. I've been wanting a gift for my friends birthday for quite sometime and just spotted the black and pink punky bird and just had to buy it for her. She'll love it.
    Hope things pick up soon.
    Emma xx