Sunday, 14 August 2011

Working the Plan... Update

I thought I would fill you all in on how that plan is progressing this week. The plan was:

100 designs on Inkmeup on Folksy by mid September
50 designs on feltmeup on Folksy by End of September
50 Feltanomicon designs by End of September

Feltmeup is coming along well... I now have 31 items on folksy and while sales are thin on the ground my views are up and I am hoping people will remember me for Christmas. I've started listing wedding cake toppers on Folksy on a made to order basis as an experiment to see how it goes and focus for this month is on new cake topper designs for Autumn and teeny toppers which as super cute! It's making me focus on what my best sellers are and making me think about what I need to be making so that's good!

Inkmeup is at 57 items, the plan is getting slightly scuppered by the fact that people keep buying things... well I'm not complaining! We passed the 100 sales mark on Inkmeup on Folksy which was a lovely feeling, I treated myself to some new supplies so with luck there will be new designs coming soon.

Feltanomicon hasn't had a look in unfortunately so languishes around the 20 items mark.... which I am fine with as I took on my first fair this month and am prepping for it... this also means my Gallery contacting has been put on the back burner too as I need to prep stock and focus on the fair.

My first real fair, since I have done local things but not had much joy, is at the Harrogate Showground 3rd and 4th September.... It's the Wool Weekend, it promises to be quite fun as I am sharing a stall with my felty mother (facebook fans and readers of the Feltmeup blog will already know this!) but I am not expecting amazing things as traditionally I don't sell very well in a craft fair atmosphere.

It's being my first real fair I am not sure what I should be making as I don't know how well the public will respond to my birds and things.... so long as we break even I'll be happy tho, it's more an experiment! I had a good think about what I need to do in preparation and have started making multiples of my best sellers working on the theory that if I don't sell very well I can at least start to stock up my much neglected Dawanda shop with all my faves!

I'm taking lots and lots of business cards and fliers to give out in hope that people will keep them and remember me, in short I am hoping for the best but planning for the worst! I really do think the Wool Weekend could be great if the weather stays nice for us... we're hoping that it will become kind of a Woolfest for Yorkshire and the fact that we are in right at the beginning is great too!

The whole thing has brought up some of my old insecurities but I am pushing them to the back of my mind and trying to be optimistic. Everything seems very big and scary at the moment but I need to move out of my comfort zone if I am going to make this business work so it's scary good!


  1. I'm sure the fair will be a success and you're progressing pretty decently according to your plan!

  2. I know all about being out of your comfort zone... I have done "big and scary" this year... and you know, it worked out fine!
    I'm impressed by your plans and how well they are beginning to work out.
    Keep plugging away and I am sure you will do well. I think cards and leaflets are a good idea - I hope it brings you lots of customers.
    Something I've been thinking about (on the "back burner"), is how to sell to more local customers. I really only sell on Etsy just now, but I want to "branch out". How do you plan on dealing with potential customers you come across at the fair, who may not have internet/want to buy online? Just a thought....
    Your products are such excellent quality and so beautiful that I'm sure they will speak for themselves in a "real life" situation. The blog belonging to the Etsy Bookbinding Street Team (BEST) had a series of articles about selling at fairs. Some of that stuff might be interesting/helpful to you, even though you are not selling books.
    Hope this is helpful and good luck!