Friday, 15 July 2011

I Have a Cunning Plan....

...of the utmost simplicity.

I am bad at planning... I struggle to think beyond the end of the week, sometimes even beyond of the end of the day.

Since I quit my job my old boss is under the assumption that I will be back for Christmas, this week I made the decision that I wasn't going back to work. I realised that I can't keep living with one foot in one world and one foot in another... I realised that with working for myself it has to be all or nothing at all. (At least in my case)

So plan 1 is to fully commit to being self employed and stop faffing about!

Plan 2 is to get a plan, yeah I know... I don't plan, so this is gonna be hard for me. I am researching business plans but none of the ones I have found really seem to connect to me and the it occurred to me that there is not going to be a nice little pre planned plan with lots of boxes to fill in for me... sure it would be easier but none of the business plans take in to account the things that are important to me.

So I have to write my own template... this will take some time. I took a nice big sheet of paper and began to plan a plan... it read

1. Get a plan
2. Set some targets
3. work butt off to realise targets!

Sure it's gonna get more complicated then that but I have a start, which is more than I had last week!

So really, these targets, what are they gonna be? They need to be realistic (unlike my wii fit goal to have the body of a super model by August!), the need to be achievable and above all they need to be something I am happy with. By the End of August I am aiming for 100 items in my Inkmeup shop on folksy and 50 in my Feltmeup shop on Folksy.

Folksy's the thing and I want to make it work for me... so far I have been treating the shops there as having a presence on Folksy and not as a real selling tool but I need to make Folksy work for me otherwise all those relistings and the like are just throwing money down the drain, ok so it's only 20p a listing but those 20p's add up! S0 the next couple of months are about growing my Folksy business.

My other goal is with The Feltanomicon... that silly little shop I like to think of as my playground. It needs attention... so it's getting it, I plan to have 100 items in there by September... and especially to get the Christmas feltanomicon designs sorted so I don't miss out.

This is all quite big and scary but it needs to be done... and that plan needs to be put down somewhere in black and white! Time to get to work and write that business plan!


  1. All I can say is GO FOR IT! You never know unless you try. I wish I was in a financial position to give up my day job & focus on craft 24/7 but alas. However I am certain this day will come! Good luck!

  2. Good luck! I confess my folksy shop has gone back to being "just a presence" but ... I really need to wake it up again. I very much doubt you'll find a business plan that fits you ready-made, and I bet you're working more hours than you think already!

  3. Go for it! Start your plan and get those Folksy shops cracking! I'm sure if you dedicate the time to focus on the plan properly, you'll be hugely successful!