Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's been a bad day...

I had a bad day yesterday, a truly crappy one... now I don't want anyone to think I am throwing myself a pity party here... that's not what I am about, but this was the first bad day since I quit my job so I felt I should document it.

I woke up in a bad mood which wasn't helped by logging on to a series of increasingly frustrating and annoying emails and one which got downright abusive as the day went on. I tried to bounce back from it but some thing get in your head... and when you work from home you can't escape them sometimes. My solution was to sit down and watch loads of Buffy and stab felt really hard for 4 hours... had it not been raining cats and dogs I would have gone for a walk and got out of my headspace... but I couldn't so I sat there and stewed!

Later that day I found out that work had overpaid me and want their money back... 2 weeks wages... the bosses reaction was less then encouraging, I pointed out that I gavea month notice and she didn't file the paper work til the last week so it was her fault she kinda just shrugged... not her problem I guess.

Around 4pm I had enough... I turned on the wii fit and spent half and hour punching imaginary punch bags... sometime in this the rain stopped so I went out and met my boyfriend from work.

So what have I learned from this experience:

1. Never ever ever reply to emails that upset me... ever... better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it... I take solace in the fact that I may have been wrong but I didn't resort to petty name calling

2. Physical stuff get you out of your head... next time some one upsets me I shall ignore them and punch the hell out of some wii boxer guy... hey he had it coming...

Today will be better tho... I plan to not let anyone drag me down and have a day of listing and crafting and working my ass off.


  1. I have found remaining silent is a wise move - you will not appear a fool, but rather far too busy and important to be worried about such things (whatever they may be).

    We all have days like that. I find aggressive housework helps - but hitting imaginary people is good too!

  2. Exercise and punching is a good idea, when frustrated and angry I usually feel like breaking something, but I usually just aim pillows at doors, not as satisfying but less clean up afterwards!

    And tea always helps!

  3. Oh I do hope the weekend is better for you.
    Emma x

  4. I hope you're having a lovely weekend, you sound like you deserve it. Helen is right, staying silent is best - but for me, almost impossible. My solution is to head for the sea.